Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jack Macnamara's Visit

Paul Norrington and Jack Macnamara
A special guest joined the NHS-North Lawndale Advisory Council at the December meeting.  John “Jack” Macnamara, the former Jesuit seminarian and community organizer, and a central figure in the formation of the CBL, provided the group with a first-hand account of his experience.  Despite his humility, Mr. Macnamara’s courage and conviction in empowering the members of the CBL to seek fair terms for their home purchases shone through as he spoke.  Mr. Paul Norrington, an advisory council member and current resident of the K-Town Historic District in North Lawndale, summed up his appreciation of Jack’s story and his efforts in North Lawndale with the following:

“I hope that we’ve all gained a new appreciation for the significance of where we live now and that we go back to whatever other organizations we belong to and fight that much harder for what we have and what’s been passed down to us through the hard efforts of those that have gone before us.”

We will be highlighting, exploring, and celebrating the role many individuals had in the success of the CBL throughout the course of this blog, including a more in depth look at Jack Macnamara’s work here. 

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  1. It was very clear that the work of seeking social justice, in this case around the curious practices of African-Americans becoming homeowners, has been at the center of Jack's being for sometime. He is an eloquent spokesperson and historian on this fascinating aspect of North Lawndale's, Chicago's, and the country's complex story.